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Land Rover:

We charge 1,10 US Dollar +18% VAT per km for the Land Rover with a minimum average distance of 100 km per day over the period of use. We provide the vehicle full of fuel and require it to be returned full. 

  • The Land Rover has a full comprehensive coverage with a co-payment of 350 USD. In case of accident, the insurance does not cover the accident fees of the National Park and the transport which combined comes to about 750 USD that we claim from our clients.
  • We do offer our clients a full coverage that covers all costs mentioned above (the 350 Dollar and the 750 Dollar). We charge for this 12 USD per day, maximum charge 100 USD per Safari.



If you wish a driver to accompany you - in which case he is also a guide for the National Parks. We charge 35 USD per day for a driver/guide.  It is understood that when camping the Driver/Guide will assist with the tasks around the camp and will also share his meals with the clients.  He will have his own tent and bedding with himself.  When clients are staying at other locations on their travels then the cost for  suitable accommodation and meals for the Driver/Guide will also be covered by the client.



We rent out a GPS with good maps for East Africa, price per day is 3 dollar +18% VAT and Min rent is 10 Dollar.


Camping equipment:

  • For adults we charge 6 USD per day which covers all the below mentioned except the GPS.
  • For children under 16 we charge 3 USD per day.